Workshop Magazine Spring 2009

"Quang Ho:
Essential Information for Painters of All Levels"

"Colorado artist Quang Ho’s new instructional DVD series offers a concise version of what students can expect in his workshops, including his eight visual approaches to painting, his views on developing understanding, and a discussion of everything he wishes he had known before he started painting."

"With these videos, I strive to give the viewers a complete look into my thinking and understanding of painting, the visual vocabulary that I use, the problem solving that I face with every painting, and the philosophy that is at the core of my work."

"For me, great paintings have always embodied a combination of the spirit of play with clarity of visual intention.

The inspiration behind my work often revolves around the simple concept of exploring the abstract elements-line, shape, value, color, texture, and edges-the basic tools in painting. Any subject matter is worthy. However, the endless variety of visual dialogue possible through the arrangement of these elements is what I find to be most exciting and timeless."
                                                                                                                                                                           Quang Ho


"Painting the Still-life in Light and Shadow"

In this video, Quang Shares with viewers his entire thought process for painting a still-life arrangement: from setup, to lighting, to systematically breaking down the painting as logically as possible from block-in to finish.  Viewers will wee how Quang approaches composition, and the philosophical ideas behind building a beautiful structure.  Learn what materials he uses to bring his paintings to life, as well as some basic color mixing and paint handling.  "Painting a still-life to me is like arranging a piece of classical composition: every note counts".

"What I wish I'd known before picking up a brush".  This video is designed to give the viewer a complete understanding of painting in over six hours of video.  It's not so much about how to paint something specific, but rather an explanation for everything the artist has come to understand about painting over his entire career.

Using demonstrations as examples, Quang takes the viewer through a logical and systematic breakdown of the essential visual vocabulary and visual tools associated with painting.  Basic knowledge regarding the use of oils, medium brushes and canvas will be discussed for the beginner.  But more importantly, students of all levels will acquire the understanding and vocabulary necessary to make real progress with their own work, as well as challenge themselves with visual ideas.

“Nuts and Bolts” - The essential information for the artist

This video focuses on painting a figure within the context of  a larger environment - the way Quang approaches most of his figurative works.  It also focuses on the visual approach called "local tone" (one of the eight visual approaches he teaches in the "Nuts and Bolts" DVD) - which is entirely different from the "Light and Shadow" DVD.  This "visual approach" focuses of the richness of tones or values as the foundation for building the structure rather than form or light and shadow effects talked about in the "Painting the Still-life" video.  Degas, Van Gogh, Fechin, Diebenkorn, are some of the artists who worked regularly in this method.

"Painting the Figure In An Interior"

“Nuts and Bolts”

6 hours  in length (roughly) and is $145 plus $12 shipping and handling. 

“Painting the Still Life”

5 hours in length and is $95 plus $12 shipping and handling.

“Painting the Figure”

4 hours  in length (roughly) and is $75 plus $12 shipping and handling

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"Painting the Still-life" & "Nuts and Bolts"  
  $230 including shipping and handling.

"Painting the Still-life" & "Painting the Figure In An Interior"
$165 including shipping and handling.

"Nuts and Bolts" & "Painting the Figure In An Interior"
$195 including Shipping and Handling.

Shipping will be United States Postal Service Priority Mail(free shipping sent with media rate).  Sales Tax will be applied to Colorado residents.

Customer Comments


I would like to put a link to your website from mine recommending your video.  I believe if artists were to buy and watch only one video in their life on painting, it should be this one(Nuts and Bolts).  I am so excited to have this constant reminder of your teaching and will always consider you to be the instructor that opened my eyes to see as an artist.  Thanks again, for everything.

Tim Deibler

Dear Quang Ho,

I have watched your still life video and  Nuts and Bolts(twice).  I want to thank you for taking the time to make these videos.  They are well worth the money and time spent.  I am sure that I will watch them both again in a few months of experimenting with local tone painting.  I've always focused  on Light and Shadow, but loved the local tone painters that you mentioned, but not being able to figure them out.  You have opened a whole new way of seeing for me and I want to thank you for that. 

Thank you so much for the time you spent making such great informative videos.  I am looking forward to the third one.

It is a joy to watch you paint.

Laura Anderson.


Well, I've purchased all of your videos and have received and watched your still life video over and over.  First, thank you so so much for being so forthcoming.  You're an amazing teacher and so generous.

I learned so much from this video alone. 

My second video came and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see it.  It's not true; that you can't teach an "old dog new tricks".  Even at 63 I'm constantly inspired and energized, especially when I watch your videos.  I'll watch both videos, Still Life and Nuts and Bolts, over and over as there are so many things to see and hear that it would take numerous sessions with them to get the full benefit of your experience.  Thanks so much for sharing it with me.


Hi Quang!  

 I have finished watching the second of the still life disc  for the first time.  I'm sure I will go back to it again and again!! It is wonderful  and as you said, it is FUN!!!!! The  clarity of your explanations and instruction is brilliant!!!   Thank you for all you have so generously given of your knowledge and experience in painting.   I will never forget that the shadow is "an organism" connected and that light travels or flows  through the painting  and the values of it are so affected .  I know that seeing the DVD will have a profound influence on my future paintings!! 

I so look forward to receiving the "Nuts and Bolts" when it is ready!!! 


Hi  Quang,

I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your two DVDs! Your explanations are really clear, I felt as if you "speak my language," in a way.  Your demos make my jaw drop, I must admit. It seems magical, the way you handle paint and brushes. I eagerly anticipate the third DVD.


Jala Pfaff


I would like to put a link to your website from mine recommending your video.  I believe if artists were to buy and watch only one video in their life on painting, it should be this one(Nuts and Bolts).  I am so excited to have this constant reminder of your teaching and will always consider you to be the instructor that opened my eyes to see as an artist.  Thanks again, for everything.

Tim Deibler

Quang Ho,

I recently viewed you first DVD, "Painting the Still Life."  I learned quite a bit and enjoyed it very much.  It is informative not only for those who paint, but also those who enjoy art.

I know I will refer back to it often as there is quite a lot to learn and understand.  It flowed very well in its presentation.  The quality of the filming was very good.  Your dialog was clear and concise, and your demonstration of your painting technique was interesting and informative. 

I am looking forward to receiving the next DVD that you have available.

 Patricia Clark

Dear Quang,

By now I have watched both videos quite a few times and feel that I learn something new, or understand better an idea or technique each time I watch them. I can't wait for the third video to arrive (the figure).

The videos are extremely well and very tastefully done, from the way they are organized around logical topics, to the camera close-ups, to the nice background music. I found your discussion on light and shade very helpful, as well as on values, shapes  and edges, to mention just a few.   I liked your describing first level/object oriented, second level, and third level painting, and think it is very insightful.

There were many high points in the videos. Your still life is just so beautiful, and the "fake Rembrandt portrait" and the "Degas" local tone sketch are terrific.

You teach very generously, provide information that is very clear, useful and inspiring, and the photographic quality is excellent, with great close-ups and detail. I especially liked your sense of humor in the several "endings" of the still life...

I watched with awe how you used your large egbert brush for the initial block-in with such freedom and spontaneity.   Thank you again for creating these great videos. Hope you will consider making some more, how about a landscape DVD?


Michal Artal

Dear Quang,

Thanks you so much for doing the Nuts and Bolts DVD--  it is just great-- so clear and important.  You have opened the door to Level Two for me and it will illuminate my painting and my soul.

Marianna Lively

Hi Quang!!

I have watched "Nuts and Bolts" over and over again, particulary the summary and slide show!!  Thank you for your insight and sharing so much of your journey and the levels of painting.

I will continue to review the 2 DVD's again and again because as you said there is sooooo  much there to glean from the information.

There is a saying in education, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come!!"   I don't know how ready I am in my art journey but I know that I'm inspired by your art messages and appreciate them greatly and thank you so much.

I will be watching your art on your website and as seen in art magazines and in my own way cheering you on and saying "thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


"I watched your DVD in its entirety this weekend (in practically one sitting, I couldn't turn it off!), and I wanted to commend you on putting together such a fantastic instructional resource. Everything about this DVD flowed beautifully, your explanations were thorough and articulate, and Hurricane Hills did a lovely job of adding uninteruptive stylistic touches to help the 5 hours flow logically and seamlessly. Thank you for your well-organized and thoughtful approach to teaching, and for sharing such a wealth of accumulated knowledge and understanding with other artists."

Allison Zorro



“I am enjoying the still life video, as well as the "Nuts and Bolts" DVD I got at Weekend with the Masters. I've learned more about painting from these two videos than I did in all my years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Your explanation of the underlying structure of a painting has brought so much together in my mind.”

                                                                                              Shane Thomas